Zoenmind is a musical collective with the desire to enhance the listener’s mental/emotional/spiritual health.
Autumn Bells (debut album) was created as a soundtrack for mindfulness – specifically to be listened to while using adult colouring books – but also to be enjoyed as a friendly companion to meditation, yoga and other forms of relaxation.

Zoenmind co-founder and executive music producer Jon Reichardt has been an active force in the Australian music industry for over a decade. Having worked with renowned artists such as 360, Bliss n Eso and Chance Waters, he also holds an honours thesis in contemporary music which explores the relationship between music and spiritual experience.

In 2008 his life took a turn, as he became yet another victim of the current Australian epidemic of mental illness. Fast forward to 2016, having experienced years of anxiety/depression, Jon decided to create an album that could be an aid in helping others find peace and healing. Reichardt remarks:

“Wrestling with mental health has been an issue for many years, and music has often been invaluable in helping me process pain, find solidarity, or simply practise mindfulness. I sincerely hope this album helps people to stop, listen to themselves and practise self-care. I hope it temporarily provides rest from the rat race and constant competition that is so common in all areas of modern life. I hope it helps people to actively love themselves.”

Autumn Bells also draws upon the talents of producers Fynn and Steve Iuliano, providing a steady, blissful sonic journey into the sounds of ambient electronica, chill-out and new-age meditation music.